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18K mani just in time for the Golden Globes! 💅 ✨🏆✨

OPI Glints of Glinda
OPI Mariah Carey Pure 18K White Gold and Silver Top Coat
CultNails Charlatan

Keeping it simple this week. #Mannequin nails using @RGBcosmetics Camel. #NailPolish #Nails #RGB

Keeping it simple this week. #Mannequin nails using @RGBcosmetics Camel. #NailPolish #Nails #RGB


Black Friday is tomorrow, and everyone will be hitting the shops for all their shopping needs. Don’t neglect your nail game rushing for deals. Hit up Macy’s for Gaga’s new perfume Fame, which will be coming with a fab set of nails. We love how the nails compliment the bottle so well. The 4 piece set is available only at Macy’s for $79.

Halloween Vampire Hunter Nails!

My nails feature some of the tools of the Vampire Hunter trade with blood drip accent nails.

Left hand: Wooden Stake, Holy Water, Rosary

Right hand: Garlic, Crucifix

Alien Cornfield Nails! 

These were fun to do!  I added Day Glow to all of the green so it would glow like the corn and aliens in the photo.

I submitted these for NOTW “Halloween Spooky Nails” theme.

Week 6 of the Nail Art Challenge: Galaxy

Star Trek Galaxy nails!  I wanted to do something a little different with my Galaxy challenge, so I added the Starship Enterprise.  It’s shooting phaser beams into the nebula, but why?

I love nude nails!  The color is really nice on its own, but… I still embellished them with some copper.  The color combo is so subtle, but sooo nice!

This is a tiny sampling of the Jordana polishes I purchased so I could practice nail art.  I bought every color of the rainbow plus some of their awesome glitters!  I’ll have to post a picture of those soon.

Week 5 of the Nail art ChallengeGradient

I wanted to do some Thai Iced Tea Nails for the Gradient challenge.  Some of them kind of look like root beer floats, but that’s OK.  Both drinks are delicious!

The Hunger Games are on DVD so I decided to revisit the Effie Trinket look.  

Since it’s Summer, I wanted to use a lighter pink.  Here are my Summer Trinket Nails using Cult Nails Untamed with sponged Butter London The Full Monty.  

I also did a swatch for a more Traditional Effie Trinket look using the colors shown.  I love glitter so I added some on the traditional look to make it sparkle!   

I’m loving all the nail art at the 2012 London Olympics! Who remembers Flo Jo and Gail Devers? Now those were some Olympians who had their nails did!

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